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Background - Sollog is a world famous mystic who has authored over 30 books on mysticism. He is well known for his Nostradamus translations. Before the 911 Attack on NYC, Sollog was already one of the most written about people on the Net. A famous prophecy of Sollog known as the 902 Prophecy is of major interest to many now, since it was about a major act of terrorism hitting New York City in September. It stated a BIG BANG would hit THE BIG BUILDING!

Here is the Interview "Thank you for giving us an interview about your amazing 902 Prophecy and translations of Nostradamus relevant to the events of 911."

Sollog "You're welcome, at this time many are hearing of the warnings of Nostradamus and myself, so it is necessary to clear the air about what we have both been warning of." "Your 902 Prophecy stated September 1997 was the key date for the BIG BANG IN THE BIG BUILDING in New York City, why did you miss the year?"

Sollog "The exact date I gave in 1997 was a date when a major act of terrorism did occur. However, as I have stated since 1995, my warnings and PROPHECIES are multi faceted, so they run through many years and cover multiple events. When you look at the totality of the 902 Prophecy all the key factors of the 911 attack are in that warning. New York City is mentioned, the big bang in the big building, major act of terrorism, month of September. It is all there for those that wish to see the real warning. Other events that have just occurred are in the warning as well, the DEAfness of Rush Limbaugh is indeed connected to the warning to Rush in the 902 Prophecy. The Anthrax attack upon an employee of NBC in New York City is in the warning with the information about how a NBC employee in New York City would be struck." "Yes, the sequential order of how you described the major act of terrorism in New York City, the fact you stated Rush Limbaugh and a New York City employee of NBC would see tragedy after the terrorism is remarkable. Do you think Howard Stern, Alan Colmes and Rudy Guiliani who are all mentioned in the 902 Prophecy will also have tragic events soon?"

Sollog "I do not try to interpret my prophecies, they are written via a direct connection to what humans call GOD, I call it the GOD HEAD. What I write is divinely inspired, it will come to pass as it is written. After the events occur, the prophecies are crystal clear to many that reread my warnings. Stern, Colmes and Guiliani are all within the 902 Prophecy as are the Pope and the US President. Although all of those people have already been struck as the prophecy warned, new tragedies can in fact become reality in the very near. In 1997 Guiliani and Stern were all married men. Today they both are separated from long term wives, such havoc is indeed tragic upon their personal lives. The Pope of Satan aka Anton Lavey did die exactly as the 902 Prophecy stated in October 1997. However, many see the 902 Prophecy as a warning for Pope John Paul II, who is not mentioned directly in the 902 Prophecy by name. So anyone trying to see a connection to the current Pope in the Vatican may or may not be correct. When John Paul II dies, then look to the 902 Prophecy to see if it is about John Paul II.

As to the US President George Bush. I have never written anything directly about Mr. Bush or his father. I view both men as strong morally correct leaders of the US. However, I did write much about the worst president in US history, that being William Clinton. In 1997 Clinton was the US President, and I wrote how tragedy connected to the ides of Novem or November would strike him. Now, Novem can be November and other months since Novem means other months in other languages. However, Clinton was in fact impeached and suffered political death after I wrote that prophecy. His downfall is directly connected to the date he started his adulterous affair with Monica Lewinsky. It started on November 15 or the ides (Middle) of November, the very date in the 902 Prophecy.

Again, many see how my 902 Prophecy is now having clear hits in sequential order, so many see George Bush as the US president now to be struck by what is in the 902 Prophecy.

What is clear to me is that BUSH is a key name in the PLAN OF GOD, was it not a flaming BUSH that spoke to Moise on the Mount with THE LAW?

Perhaps a FLAMING BUSH will soon be a great sign to all from GOD!

Again, I have no strong feelings about either George Bush or his father, they both belong to silly little secret societies that play games with powers they do not understand. They are both puppets to great powers that do rule this sphere.

They will and have both done what they were created to do. Everyone fulfills what is GODS WILL for them to do on this sphere. Jews and Muslims understand there is NO FREE WILL. Only twisted logic of christian thinkers continue to believe in the illusion of free will.

As I have shown time and again, if you connect headline tragedies to each other, you start to see the connection to most major headline events.

The first 9 US school shootings struck on two perfectly straight lines that intersected in the birth place of Bill Clinton. Those shootings prove those children that did the shootings had no free will, they were born to kill where they did in order create two lines on a map of the USA.

If there was freewill, the shootings would not have struck in such a clear ordered way. And in 1995 I wrote about those two lines. I guaranteed the slaughter of the innocent would occur on those two lines. Then THOSE CHILDREN SLAUGHTERED on the lines I wrote about.

In 1995 no one could have known that was what I had written, yet after the events unfolded they are now clear to all.

I have given many clear warnings in the form of quake predictions in the past two years. Now those are easier to see before events then occur. The mere fact that I hit 5 exact dates in a row for 7.0+ quakes was a sign to the US government and Osam Bin Laden I AM THE WORD OF LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, for the Torah is clear ONLY GOD ALMIGHTY can say ground shake and it does when he says. After I hit 5 dates in a row for major quakes I then gave exact locations where 4 7.0+ quakes then hit, the quakes hit the exact locations in the exact month I warned of. Again, those were SIGNS to the US government and Osama Bin Laden that I SPEAK FOR LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!

My prophecies are from LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, what is written will be, since I started my warnings in 1995 I have always maintained IT IS TO WARN MANKIND that NUKE TERRORISM IS NEAR.

Over 100 Suitcase nukes are missing from the Russian nuclear arsenal, many have been sold to muslim nations to protect themselves from the west. A suitcase nuke does not have to be launched, it can be carried into the targets which are all the large cities of the west, and detonated with no warning to the US.

I have warned over and over that ISRAEL shall be the first location to be struck by an act of NUKE TERRORISM.

Then Rome in Italy shall be hit by a suitcase nuke.

Then Washington DC shall be struck.

When is the time?


It is not my job to give that date to anyone.

It is my job TO GIVE THE SIGNS LORD GOD ALMIGHTY ALWAYS GIVES before such destruction is unleashed upon the west. When the first act of Nuke Terrorism hits, the complete collapse of the west will unfold. Cities of the west cannot exist in the current age. Large cities are all targets of nuke terrorism and biological warfare. The west if it is to have any future must start to relocate its citizens in remote areas. Cities are no longer practical in the age of terrorism you now live in." "Wow, I'm sure that long statement will be analyzed for years by your fans. So you don't think the Pope and US President will be struck soon?"

Sollog "Again, I don't try to explain my warnings before events occur, and as I explained, in 1997 the Pope of Satan and the US President were struck as I wrote it. Since events are now occurring in sequential order as written in the 902 Prophecy such as the 911 attack, Rush Limbaugh's tragic hearing loss and the terrible anthrax attack upon the New York City NBC employee, it would be logical to say anyone mentioned in the 902 Prophecy such as Howard Stern, Alan Colmes and Rudy Guiliani could be struck soon. Just as it would be logical to say the US President and Pope John Paul II can be struck soon as the 902 Prophecy states. Time will tell what is meant to happen to them. And if the current trend continues in regards to how the 902 Prophecy reveals such things, then I'm sure many will see that their fate was indeed within the 902 Prophecy.

I truly believe that enough signs have been given so that the ones that were meant to hear THE WARNING have heard it. They will relocate to the safe zones, and the rest will be as grapes pressed by the wrath of LORD GOD ALMIGHTY to satiate the thirst of Elana (earth) as retribution for the millenniums that humans have existed upon her precious soil and slandered her through the gross slanders which man calls pollution. Elana is a living entity that was created to give bounty to GODS CHILDREN, and what has the children done to Elana? They have soiled the paradise of what was once Elana. So the children need to taught a lesson, LIVE IN HARMONY WITH THE EARTH in small little villages. The evil of NUKE TERRORISM and BIOLOGICAL WARFARE forces the surviving humans to live in small villages. The vast populations in the targets of NUKE and BIOLOGICAL TERRORISTS will die for the most part." "So mankind is doomed to destroy most of itself then Sollog?"

Sollog "That is clear to anyone who can see the near future of the earth!" "So what do you think is the clearest thing Nostradamus warned of about this time which we are living in now?"

Sollog "To me the 6:96 Quatrain is the clearest and back in 1996 after the TWA 800 event, I revealed how most translators of Nostradamus were giving the wrong number for the location of the New City. It is 40 and 5 degrees not 45 degrees. That is the literal French translation of verse 6:96. As you know New York City (New City) is 40.5 degrees on a map. That can be said to be 40 and 5 as Nostradamus wrote.

I revealed in 1996 that Nostradamus used a word that is now connected to both a plane and a boat. The 911 attack used a plane and the World Trade Center was owned and operated by the New York City Port Authority, so the 6:96 quatrain is the most accurate in my opinion.

However, 10:72 which I have shown to be about JFK Jr and about how I predicted his death can be connected to the 911 attack. Although the word I translated as a typo is viewed by most as an anagram of the King of the Mongols, such a view can now be connected to the 911 attack.

The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul, and Afghanistan is the key player in the 911 attack. So the 10:72 quatrain about how the King of the Mongols will reign terror upon the world and New City in July 1999, can be interpreted as King of Mongols or Afghanistan, since Kabul the capital of Afghanistan was the capital of the Mongols for centuries.

This fact once again shows the brilliant way in which Nostradamus wrote his quatrains. Angol Mois is two words that can mean a young prince of the Anglos as I used it in July 1999 for the death of JFK. Yet Angolmois is as many thought connected to the Mongols. So you have two events in the 10:72 quatrain. The death of JFK Jr which I predicted in 1999 and the attack by Afghanistan, a nation that has the same capital as the ancient capital of the Mongols.

So far no one has connected 10:72 and the Kabul connection of the Mongols to the 911 event. But it will be once people read this interview." "Once again you show your expert knowledge of history to show how Michel Nostradamus did once again predict a major future event!"

Sollog "Well, the fact that Kabul was the seat of power of the Mongols is no great secret, but the majority of the people trying to interpret Nostradamus are very ignorant of the historical allegories used in Nostradamus' works." "I am amazed the major media has refused to report on your accurate prophecies and quake warnings. Do you see that changing soon?"

Sollog "As I have stated since 1995, the vast majority of the US Media, Government and Big Business is controlled by secret societies, and most of them worship Jesus as Lucifer. So evil is their intent. They will not report on my warnings. It is the job of my fans to spread my message. Email everyone you know about my warnings. Spread my message in chat rooms. Use forums at major sites to spread my warning. Post to usenet about my warnings. If you wish, you can donate monies to my organization to buy ads on major media to spread my warnings. I use to receive donations from my fans. My Paypal account is . Any donations sent will be used to spread my warnings and to buy land in the safe zones." "Do we have days, months or years before Nuke Terrorism is here?"

Sollog "As I have already stated, it is not my job to give such a date, I have given the order of the locations to be hit. When you see Israel, Rome and DC hit by Nuke Terrorism you will know my warnings were real! By then most will be trapped in the urban areas where more nukes will destroy most of the worlds population as will chemical warfare." "Thank you for your time Sollog we know you are very busy!"

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