ELS Bible Code in New Testament
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ELS Code in Nostradamus Prophecies

See the shocking 666 ELS find about SATAN

An AMAZING DISCOVERY has been made concerning the famous ELS (Equidistant Letter Spacing) Code known in the media as THE BIBLE CODE.

The Torah was the first religious work analyzed to see if the ELS Code was valid. Remarkable discoveries of hidden ELS codes were indeed found in the Torah.

Recently the King James Version of the New Testament was researched for hidden ELS Codes.

This is an example of how AMAZING the ELS Code is in religious works such as the KJV-NT.

John Kennedy was found along with EXECUTED and THE ROOF. LEE the name of the assassin was found, as was The Soldier. Great Money was also found. A reference to IN THE EAR was even in this NEW ELS CODE find, as was The Prince. A reference to By the Highway and THE PRES is in the Matrix as well. Interesting references to The Secret Chamber and The Country of the Father Of appear. They Found Him is also in the ELS. Oh, John was found twice in this Kennedy ELS. A reference to John John his son.

John Kennedy or THE PRES, was indeed KILLED or EXECUTED, according to the findings of the Warren Commission by LEE Harvey Oswald. Lee was a soldier and JFK was a famous war hero or soldier. He was shot from above like from a ROOF. It was while he was in a motorcade about to enter a Highway.

The entry wound was indeed near his ear. John Kennedy came from one of the richest families in America. So, Great Money is indeed an amazing find. As to the reference to JFK being The Prince, Camelot is often refered to as the time during Kennedy's Presidency and the Kennedy's are often called America's Royal family.

Even a reference to THE SECRET CHAMBER was in this ELS. That means something that is hidden like the truth, it is a reference to all the conspiracies about the death of JFK.

They Found Him is indeed how Oswald was captured. They Found him hiding in a theatre.

The USA is well known as The Country that is said to be connected to this phrase, The First President, Washington is THE FATHER of his Country...

The person that made all of the finds about John Kennedy in the ELS displayed above was Sollog. A world famous author of 13 books on mysticism.

The program used was Code Finder. Although John Kennedy and Executed was known to exist from work by the developers of Code Finder.

All the extra references to JFK and his death highlighted above were not known or displayed on the web site of Code Finder at

He was the first person to find ELS codes in the prophecies of Nostradamus as well.

Sollog's Amazing web site

ELS Code in Nostradamus Prophecies

See the shocking 666 ELS find about SATAN

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