Quatrains Code same as Bible Code
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New ELS Codes found in King James New Testament

Shocking ELS find in KJV of the NT about who 666 is!

An AMAZING DISCOVERY has just been made about the famous Quatrains of Michel Nostradamus. The EXACT SAME CODE that appears in the Bible that was discovered a short time ago, also appears in the famous 1000 Quatrains of the 15th Century French Seer.

Many have argued, was Nostradamus a true Prophet.

Well, the same hidden ELS BIBLE CODE appears in his famous 15th Century Writings. That is the same CODE that was first found in the Torah, then it was found in the Tanakh, then in the Greek New Testament and recently even in the King James Version of the English New Testament.

Other works of Literature have been tested for the hidden BIBLE CODE or more correctly the ELS (Equidistant Letter Spacing) CODE. This CODE has been well studied in religious works such as the bible.

Such hidden ELS codes contain remarkable hidden details about future events. So far it has been thought, that such ELS codes don't appear in non religious works of Literature at the same level as has been discovered in religious works like the bible.

However, the Quatrains of Michel Nostradamus do indeed contain the same CODE as the Torah. In fact, the Quatrains contain a remarkable record of future events hidden in the ELS CODE. Details about events that are now taking place.

The Original French Quatrains was used by the researcher that discovered the Nostradamus Code. Who is also the author of 13 books on mysticism.

Below are examples of events foretold in precise detail by Nostradamus, when you use the Bible Code ELS program to search for the hidden ELS CODES.

When an ELS is done in Quatrains for DIANA, Dodi, Paris and Death all appear near the HIDDEN CODE for DIANA.

Diana code

Lincoln appears in the Quatrains as well. These words all appear Abe, Grand Empire (Great Empire the US), Grand Monarch (Great Leader), USA, Pres, LEE (General), PA (Pennsylvania), NYC (New York City), Victeur (Victor), Tent (Civil War is famous for tents, discord, change (the Civil War brought great change) and spied (killed by Booth a spy.

Coincidence or remarkable HIDDEN CODE?

Lincoln Code

Clinton appears in the Quatrains of Nostradamus with LIER, Leg (he injured it during presidency) Bastard Son (another scandal and Clinton is said to be a bastard as well), terrible, crier (he's often seen crying) user (yep, ask Monica) Pres appears twice (he was elected President twice), Teen, Fail, combat also appears (perhaps his draft dodging or a major war?) BED (can you say sex scandal) as do sail and October. Seven Ships and Auto appear as well??? Oh and to Sollog fans, SOLLOR the Greek spelling of Sollog appears!

Secret Service agents of Clinton arrested the famous mystic his writings about Clinton.

Clinton code

Hitler is crossed by NAZI and DEATH the word Conflict appears twice. There are no W's in the quatrains, so the word for war always shows up as conflict. So the conflict appearing twice is like saying WAR 2 or twice. Hitler was the key figure of World War 2!.

Hitler Code

How accurate are these ELS codes about the future? Consider this ELS about a major event almost 500 years in the future. Can you explain how the name of the spacecraft, the name of the first human to walk on the moon, the name of the US Space agency and the word MOON all magically appear? Yes Apollo, Neil, NASA and MOON all appear in this AMAZING ELS.

Nasa code

The name of the person that discovered the Hidden ELS Nostradamus code appears as well. He is known by his religious name today, which is Sollog. In Greek it is SOLLOR. His birth name was ENNIS. Sollog appears as does ENNIS in direct connection to Sollog...

Sollog's Amazing web site

New ELS Codes found in King James New Testament

Shocking ELS find in KJV of the NT about who 666 is!

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